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Matthew Morano






All around the world female athletes encounter discrimination demonstrated by wage gaps, media coverage, and stereotypes. The argument continues on whether or not women are accepted in what may be considered “a man sports”. Some of these male sports include basketball, wrestling, football, and other sports as well. This debate is repeatedly argued by men and women. Rightfully so, women should be treated equally. Within the U.S men and women are granted equal opportunities and fair treatment according to the law even though these laws stand today I argue that women still face gender discrimination in sports. This can be displayed in wage gaps, media coverage, and stereotypes. The audience I am trying to reach is all sports viewers both male and female. All sports fans need this to be acknowledged so we can spread awareness. These will help both male and female athletes exceed revenue. To acknowledge this issue I have interviewed Female athletes if they had any personal encounters with gender discrimination. After conducting a fair share of interviews majority of the female athletes were able to recall a time in their life where they faced gender discrimination within their sport. This is an issue that can be shared through both professional and unprofessional sports. I can personally bring attention by creating a blog displaying both male and female perspectives. Both players and viewers need to understand the controversy of this issue.


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