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    Stone, its one of the most important, and common natural resources used for building in todays society. However the earliest uses of Stone for building can date back as far as the Roman Empires and beyond. Not only is Stone relatively easy to cultivate from the Earth, one of its strongest pros is that its moldable. The fact that its moldable creates many opportunities to make a wide variety of shapes in all types of sizes. In the world of Architecture as we know it today, stone is mainly used to create bricks, blocks, and walls in all shapes and colors. These many types of bricks and blocks used for building stem from three different types of stone, Igneous, Metamorphic, and Sedimentary.
    Each type of Stone may be used in different areas for specific reasons. Some buildings may be made of porous stone while many other buildings may be required to us nonporous stone. This is what makes it so common in the makeup of many buildings in the world today and throughout history.


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