ARCH1231 BTECH I, SP2019

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  • Means of Egress by Frelix Rosario
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    Frelix J Rosario

    Egress is the means of getting all occupants of a building out safely and accordingly. A building has many codes it has to follow in order to keep egress to its standards. For example, the building needs to have a specific occupant load. If this load is over its max it can be unsafe when fleeing away from harm inside the building. The occupant load establishes the required number of the width of all the exits.Building codes also have the requirement of the fire resistance rating of material, te fire alarm sprinkler and safety systems. They specify the maximum distance of travel to an exi and the maximum distance between distance between the exits.Stairway widths, landing, handrails, nosing of treads all have specific measurements that lend to the required means of egress.

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