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    Sergine A

    Indeed much has changed in the past few weeks. My name is Sergine Antoine. This is my second semester of college and I am an architectural technology major. I never expected to take online classes. I briefly considered taking online classes but in person learning is just a better experience for me as a tangible learner. Considering the circumstances, online learning is the only option right now and it’s not going very well for me. The day the governor announced that all CUNYs and SUNYs were closed, I was on a flight to Florida for what should’ve been the weekend. In about 2 weeks time, it’s about to be 2 months since I’ve been down here. Being outside of NYC really gives you a different perspective of the nation’s current situation. Majority of the people down here are taking the social distancing issue that serious because there aren’t that many cases in the entire state in comparison to other places such as California or New York. Although many people aren’t taking this seriously, this isn’t preventing them from forming long lines in all the stores and buying out essentials. Personally, I’ve had a hard time keeping up with assignments because all of my work and supplies to complete assignments are back home in NY. I’ve had to purchase another set of triangles, an architect’s scale, Sobo glue, cardstock, alvins rolling ruler and other items just to redo the projects I already have at home. It’s also been hard not seeing my parents every day and I constantly worry about them. They’re both healthcare workers at the frontlines of this pandemic and they’re at that awkward age where they’re not elderly but they’re still old and at a greater risk than most of their younger peers. Even when I return home in the future, I probably won’t be able to see them because there’s always the risk of any of us being carriers of the virus but aren’t showing any symptoms. It’s the not knowing that’s the scary part about this. Every day you hear new things about this virus, most of which aren’t true if they originate from Whatsapp. There are professors that claim that they know that this is a hard time but still assign a load of work that’s unreasonable considering they’re unaware of everyone’s home situation. I know people who have family members dropping like flies but they have to put their grief aside to hand in midterms and extensive papers or even cry while making models so that they don’t fail the course. A little leniency and sympathy goes far in times like these.


    Nuriddin Nazirov

    Hi! My name is Nuriddin Nazirov. This is my first year in CityTech. I also have my Associate’s degree from Kingsborough Community College! I have been in the US about 4 years already. My interest in architecture came from my family. My both parents are artists and I grew up seeing art since my childhood. Imagine the kid inspired by family members daily, seeing masterpieces and living with art, the kid shouldn’t choose any other direction besides art. So these are the reasons why I have been 9 years in art school and 2 years in architecture school in my country. After I came to the US I decided to continue my education here. Since the pandemic started, I have been bored doing the same activity at home, for now I have homework to distract me from boredom. However, the online classes are not that good as physicals. Especially the design classes which need more discussions with professors. I also felt that it’s hard for professors to teach from a distance. I hope it will be over soon and we will get back our usual life and classes!

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