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    Nuriddin Nazirov

    Nuriddin Nazirov
    Arch 1121
    Clerestory – set of windows of the upper part of the nave usually above the roof, connect the wall with the roof the purpose of it allows the light inside the building.
    Triforium – mostly arcade wall in the church above the arcade of the nave, below the clerestory of windows, and stretching along the arch or ceiling, the side naves.
    Gallery – the upper tier of the hall is elongated with a continuous row of large windows in one of the longitudinal walls of the columns, and balustrades.
    Aisle – the elongated walkway or a part of the nave separated by a row of columns or pillars, mostly parallel to the main section of the structure.
    Arcade – A number of extended arcs of equal size, shape, and contour are supported by columns or pillars.
    Flyer – the outdoor semi-arch support connects with buttress to the main structure
    Buttress – external stone transmitting the horizontal thrust from the arches of the building to a support pillar located outside the main volume of the building
    Crypt – vaulted underground or semi-underground room located on the main nave of the building
    Rose windows – the main distinguishing feature of gothic architecture, organized many of panes of stained glass with carved stone tracery
    Lancet – the narrow window ending with pointed arch, usually decorated with panes of stained glass
    Tracery – a decorative carved stone ornament of the highest part of Gothic windows
    Quadripartite – the type of vault connects the rectilinear zone with a pointed arch, allowed to build churches much higher

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