Writing Assignment #8-

Hand Out: Wednesday April 11, 2018

Due: Friday April 20, 2018

  • Write an essay describing the basic evolution of Islamic Architecture. Select 3 Islamic structures and one non Islamic structure as part of the analysis.  You may write short paragraphs with 4 consecutive descriptions, or Make a four column type spread sheet that provides a side by side comparison.
  • Organize your essay in some clear way;  chronologically, by building style, evolution of building components, or location.
  • Discuss specific Islamic building features, decorations, forms, or other components to achieve this. You may use the images to key or label the components.
  • Use specific Islamic monuments to make your points.
  • Choose an image or draw to give graphic content.
  • Cite sources of information and of graphics.
  • Compare and contrast the 3 Islamic structures with ONE of the following precedents;
  •     1.   An early Christian Basilica,
  •     2.  A Byzantine Church
  •     3.  A Roman public building, or
  •     4.  A Greek monument.

Writing reminders:

  • Full and complete heading information.
  • Standard font size, double spaced, default margins,
  • Please keep original work for yourself and submit a copy.
  • Illustrations can be plans, 3D, photographic or sectional, as long as they are relevant and appropriate.
  • No less than three paragraphs, no more than five paragraphs. (See above.)
  • Or, if in Spreadsheet format, no less than 4 columns with 6 rows of info in each.
  • Provide end notes or bibliography.
  • Only type-written work will be accepted.
  • Images may be ‘cut and pasted’ or hand drawn.