Spring 2019                 Prof. Zagaroli

Writing Assignment #5    Typed, digitally generated, with name, title, etc.

Assigned: April 1, 2019      Due:   April 15, 2019


Byzantine / Early Christian Architecure

  • Choose a CRUCIFORM or CIRCULAR/OCTAGONAL church from the ones discussed during the lecture or from your textbook.
  • Write a story from the point of view of a pilgrim visiting the church for the first time. Describe the church features from the pilgrim’s point of view; from where you are coming; the procession to get to the building; how you enter it;  what order or in what manner you move through the structure.  Describe the church from the outside and inside.
  • Choose one area or object to discuss in detail. This could be a feature, like mosaic tiled half dome, or an object with particular meaning to the structure, like a statue, or possession of the person for whom the church is named.

You may write this as a conversation with another traveler or as a letter to a friend or relative.

Describe the building completely: plan, elevations, and section.

This is not a research paper but your information regarding the church should be accurate.  Please be precise in your language and terminology.

  • Include images, with labels, and cite the sources as needed.