Spring 2018       ARCH 1121       HISTORY OF ARCHITECTURAL TECHNOLOGY   Professor Zagaroli

Writing Assignment #4-(Only typed, digital work will be accepted)

Assigned: March 2, 2018

Due: March 16, 2018

DEFINITION:  Typology is a system used for putting

things into groups according to how they are similar.

Working from Left to Right, Make a chart of the building typologies that are on the Acropolis in Athens, Greece. Refer to your textbook, notes, internet, and pdf lectures to identify as many typologies as you can.

  1. For each building typology, list all the structures that you think fit within it
  2. For each structure, give period, date, and location
  3. Draw a small Key plan and elevation adjacent to each structure noted. Label them as PLAN, ELEVATION, and with north arrows as needed.
  4. Mark the last column of the chart as COMMENTS, and for each typology, see if you can list commonalities and differences between the structures you chose.

This assignment will be most easily done in Excel or using the chart or graph features of MS Word.