ARCH1121 A World History of Architecture, SP2019 Zagaroli

Carrie Mendoza

February 1, 2018

ARCH 1121

Professor Zagaroli

Writing Assignment



       I’m Carrie, what makes me unique is my diligence, being able to handle tasks accordingly under stressful events. During the Fall semester of 2018, my mother passed away. It was hard to put my emotions aside and continue to my daily routine. Going to school was an emotional struggle.  But, I made it through one of the most difficult times I experienced. It took a toll on my whole family but there were lessons that I’ve learned after my mom’s passing. The emotions are fresh but I know for sure my capabilities.

     Another, characteristic that makes me unique is creating art, and it is not my major. I enjoy painting, sketching, and just creating in general. For most people, they lose their side of creativity after elementary. I still kept it and grew my creativity more.  I’ve reached Arch 1121 because it is important to know how things came to be as much as how they work. When you have to present in class or even a presentation at work. It is very important to know the basis of how architecture came to be. What interests me the most about the class is the lack of technology each civilization had compared to our present time. Many of the techniques are still used today. For the structures to still be able to stand even with weather erosion, makes the structures innovative and spectacular.


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