ARCH1121 A World History of Architecture, SP2019 Zagaroli

Caleb Apenteng

February, 1, 2019

Arch 1121

Professor Zagaroli

writing assignment


I’m Caleb Apenteng, what makes me so interested in Architecture is, I always want to find a way how things work in terms of technology and buildings. I’m good in designing, eg sketches. I used to write stories and use Art to portray a scene in the story to help others know what the story is about in a way of not only reading but also Art explaining or communicating it to them. I wasn’t thought how to sketch, I did learnt it myself and till now I always find a way to improve myself.  One thing about myself which connects me to Art is that, sometimes I found sketching as a mood I get eager to draw sometimes whiles I also don’t. And when I get in the mood of drawing or sketching I make sure I get it down with no distraction. I always watch YouTube videos to help me improve my art skills.