ARCH1121 A World History of Architecture, SP2018 Zagaroli


Professor Zagaroli

Writing Assignment #3-(Only type-written work will be accepted)


Assigned: March 2, 2018

Due: March 9, 2018


  • Read Chapter 1 (the Mesopotamia and the Near East and the Egypt chapter) in A World History of Architecture.
  • Chose two monuments, one monument should be from the Mesopotamia Chapter and the other monument should be from the Egypt chapter.
  • Make a chart with two headings, one for each monument.
  • Under each heading write the information you know about each monument in parallel format. This means if on line one you write that the first monument is a temple, and then on the first line under the second monument you should write the second monument’s use and so on.
  • After you have assembled the chart, write one paragraph comparing the two monuments.
  • Work from the biggest similarity to the smallest and then from the biggest difference to the smallest.
  • After you have written the paragraph, try to write a topic sentence that would introduce and state the biggest point from the paragraph.


Hand in the chart, the paragraph, and the topic sentence.


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