ARCH1121 A History of Architectural Technology, FA2017

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  • Has civilization improved from 30,000 BCE to 1000?
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    Daniel Ahmed

    Daniel Ahmed
    Arch 1121
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    I would say that civilization has definitely improved between 30,000 BCE to 1000 CE in many ways. Every civilization or empire brings advancements in some way even if it’s small. Even today we use these past civilization’s methods/techniques that were used then to help us understand how people lived and what can be improved. For an instance during Nomadic time period people used to hunt/gather food, their houses were tent-like structures. Towards 1000 AD into the Common Era (Modern times) where people don’t hunt and gather food but instead agriculture and trade. Houses and structures are no longer made of tents or tepees they are made of stone, concrete, marbles, wood, domes, several stories, columns, arches etc.
    In Mesopotamia & Egypt some civilization improvements were the Sumerians developed the first known written language, the first type of pyramids that were built were Mastabas made of sun dried bricks then later evolved to the Great Pyramids made of limestone much larger scale. Another way civilization has improved is when indoor plumbing was introduced in Ancient Rome, before people had outhouses outside their homes now in Ancient Rome there is hot water, heat, sewers, a highly developed urban infrastructure.

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