ARCH1121 A History of Architectural Technology, FA2017

Sept 12 2017           ARCH1121

Write min ½ page, up to 2 pages about your thoughts to the following.  Write neatly,  and with intent, but don’t worry too much about spelling or structure.


  1. Yesterday was the 16th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks in NYC.
  2. Today is Election Day in NYC.
  3. Tomorrow you have classes to attend, homework to complete, readings yet to be read.


Of the three events listed above, which one will have the most impact on you this week?

Of the three events, which one will have the greatest impact on you after this week?

If you chose one that was in the past, why was that more important than homework due tomorrow?

If choosing the current day events, why didn’t the past events seem as important?


What role does history, or the makings of historic events have in the future of each of us?