ARCH 4861 Professional Practice 2019 Spring Mishara

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    Day by day as I progress through school, becoming an architect becomes more realistic. Architecture being such a unique field where it branches off into so many different fields, you’re wondering where in tree of architecture you want to be. For me a big ideology of mine is legacy. After you perish what is left to keep your name alive? For me creating & designing a building would be a means to the goal of staying relevant through time. I’m not solely perusing architecture for this, but I love buildings. Since childhood, I’ve grown up in the construction industry. I have a deep respect and appreciation for this industry and what it has provided for me.

    Furthermore, my dream job is to have my own design build firm. As mentioned before, I want to design buildings and be able to say, “I’ve built that building”. For most that’s enough but I also love numbers. Working in a general contracting firm I had the opportunity to see what goes behind the scenes. I enjoyed the number crunching, bargaining, and overall contact I had with so many different people from all over the construction field. A design build firm lets me enjoy both heads of the coin, not to mention the money from that would be astounding.

    Additionally, I too would like to take my skills and use it for the better of the world. Specifically, I would like to have a hand in the development of Pakistan (my home country). Many villages have depressing quality of shelter which I feel I can fix. Also, Pakistan is titled as a third world country. With recent progression of politics, the country is on track to progression. I want to be apart of that movement, bringing the country ways of building into modern times.

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