ARCH 1121 An Introduction to Architecture…Spring 2016 Mishara

Damani Vite                                                                                                    ARCH 1121

In the sixth grade I picked up an empty notebook and a pencil and started drawing. This started my hobby as an artist. I would doodle all through classes, compared drawings with my friends and started getting better and better all throughout middle school. My teachers would complain that I don’t pay attention and that I need to stop drawing while they’re talking but they didn’t understand that once an idea popped into my head I had to get it down on paper before it disappears. I drew monsters, people, cars, places, and other stuff. When I looked to what I wanted to be I thought I could use my talent to benefit the human race, I’d design a building that looks amazing and serves a great purpose.

I decided to become an architect when I was in the 8th grade and I was deciding which college to go to. I thought “I can draw buildings, one that I can pass by every day and feel proud every time that I do” I was very naïve, not knowing all that architecture entails. In My years of high school I learned how to use AutoCAD, Revit, and Google Sketch up. During my time here I sharpened my drafting skills and learned how to use Rhino, which is now my favorite program to use.

In high school and college I learned that architecture is much more than what I thought it was when I first decided to pursue it. Architecture is much more than drawing a building then boom another skyscraper in Manhattan. Architecture is seeing what the general public needs, looking at the environment and blending that building with it to create a relationship between nature and man, creating modern marvels while looking back at where we came from to create a link between our past and future. Architecture is more than a career, it’s an art and this art requires more than just drawing, it requires math, innovation, and imagination. So now architecture has become more important to me and now it’s a part of my life.