ARCH 1121 An Introduction to Architecture…Spring 2016 Mishara

Many would say that architecture is about creativity and being able to turn an idea into reality. However, I believe that architecture is about freedom, and taking control of your life. As a child, we are taught to obey our parents, elders, teachers, and anyone else that holds some sort of power over us. I originally wanted to become an architect because of the mathematics aspect; later realizing that that is only a minor portion of architecture. Today I want to be an architect, because in this field, you make your own rules. Through architecture, I am free to be whomever I desire to be; and I believe that I contain the skills and knowledge to do so.

One of the skills that I possess that I believe qualifies me to become an architect is problem solving. In architecture, there will be many unhappy clients, and with that, one should always be able to create alternative routes, and ideas to get a job done. From a young age, I have never considered on single way to compete a project, the right way. I believe that there should always be a plan A, B, and Z in case all else fails. In addition to problem solving, I also possess perseverance. Through all obstacles, I never give up on anything that I set my mind to. An example of this is when one of my design professors told me that I didn’t have what it takes to become an architect, and that I should reconsider my field choice. While for a moment I was down and believed that what he was saying was true (as all human beings sometimes question themselves), I later recognized my potential again, and decided that regardless of what he may think of me, I am indeed meant to be an architect. Architecture is about breaking rules, and going against all odds. It is creating something that was so sure to fail, it is creating in order to fail.

Along with perseverance, I am also a people person. I love the idea of getting to know other people, and being a part of their lives. Architecture – to me, requires a knowledge of other cultures, values, and religions. By getting to know other people, you open a small window to their world, and the different traditions of others. With that knowledge, you have the freedom to either change your world, or impact theirs. It is amazing how architecture allows people to co-exist and find a happy medium by only creating; which is exactly what I want to do. I want to be an architect in order to open windows for other people. I want it to be easy for someone to be familiar with a culture outside of their own. I want people to be comfortable in someone else’s shoes while wearing their own. It is so easy for us as individuals to get caught up in what we already know, that we begin to fear the unknown, or immediately believe that it is the wrong way to live.

My final skill, that I believe can help me to become an architect is, patience. Patience and perseverance usually don’t agree. I am constantly in the middle of a battle between “if you want it, go get it” and, “if it is meant to be, it will be”. Architecture helped me to find the happy medium. I now understand when it is okay to sit back and let things unfold by themselves. Like a beautiful building, good things take time. It Is crucial to an architecture career that you know when to wait for these good things, and when to go after them.

To me, architecture is much more than being creative and having fresh, new ideas. It is easy for anyone to create something. On the other hand, it is hard for us to create effectively. Architecture is about designing so that people are better off. Whether that is emotionally, spiritually, religiously, or financially, is up to you. Being that there is a certain degree of rebellion and freedom in architecture, it is definitely okay to change your mind, and I am all for changing your mind. We should begin to view architecture as more than designing, and creating, but finding yourself and helping others to do the same.