ARCH 1121 An Introduction to Architecture…Spring 2016 Mishara

Brittney McKenzie


Neighborhood building

Architect Frank Gehry designed this 76 story skyscraper where it looks somewhat like a twisted building. This building which is very eye catching to everyone who walks past and the interior is just oh gosh jaw dropping. Originally known as the Beekman Tower the building is now called New York by Gehry. Located on 8 spruce street, the apartments there are worth millions and the views in each apartment is amazing you will be able to see basically all of Manhattan through them. Each apartment has beautiful furnishing in them making the area more comfortable to live in.  Now to get into detail about the building.

The tallest residential tower in the western hemisphere standing 870 feet tall, architect Frank Gehry knew this would be a masterpiece. The building is created of stainless steel each room has a spectacular view for all sorts of comforting. The building has asymmetrical bay windows that expands in each curve. Each window has solar shades that filters light and offers privacy. The interior design of the building is fascinating. Gehry designed and selected all the interior finishes of the building. The building also has a pool terraces, this building is basically peoples dream homes.

New York by Gehry is used as a home to people who can actually afford it. The size of each apartment fits a family’s need of comfort. As I was looking at the floor plans of even the studio apartments in the building and it is a really nice size for one person probably more than what is expected for a one person household. The apartments and the building itself is easily accessible and the walkway and circulation around the house is perfect enough where everything flows. When it comes to the outside of the building the first five floors of the tower house the new Public School 397, the entrance of which is on the east side of the building, separated from the residents’ entrance on the west so everything moves smoothly.

The actual building itself is an eye attraction. But it is mainly knows for the views in the apartment. As I said earlier the windows have solar shades which you can filter the amount of light inside the building. A steel and glass building automatically catches the human eye just on how professional clean and “fancy” it looks. What also makes it unique is that it sits on top of a school and its interesting how organized it is with the entrances. The building itself is such a delight and is a must check out place on your bucket list.