ARCH 1121 An Introduction to Architecture…Spring 2016 Mishara

Juan Magana


Why do you want to be an architect? What skills do you have?

                                                     I wanted to become an architect ever since I was young I always saw a different perspective toward everything and I was also creative, I always loved building things. For example when I was 5, I built a huge spaceship made out of Legos. It took me 3 weeks to build and everyone one was surprised on how amazing it looked. It felt good that people liked the spaceship I built so ever since I was inspired to create more and more things. I was inspired to choose architect because of my uncle. I was only ten when he showed me a floor plan that he was making, he told me that I should become an architect that its lots of fun yet lots of work as well. So I kept it in mind and I simply just started really liking architecture. I remember taking pieces of loose-leaf paper, making floor plans and showing them to my uncle and he’ll always say that they were great. Luckily once I entered high school, the school fortunately had an architecture which i decided to take. Throughout the next four years of high school I experienced plenty of computer based programs like AutoCAD, Revit, and sketch it. I also learned some drawing techniques. In those 4 years of high school I learned much more on what architecture really is and also made me really like architect. It helped me see architecture in a whole different perspective. In conclusion, I became an architect mainly because my uncle inspired me be one  and some skills I learned throughout the years were seeing things in a different perspective and being creative.


How would I explain what architecture is?

                                   I believe architecture is a form of art and as a form of hospitality/shelter. I believe that architecture can mean many different things, it just depends on the person. For me looking at a blank space and completely renovating it to look like a piece of art and that people can live in, is a form of architecture. Without architecture people wouldn’t have shelter and/or beautiful houses or skyscraper for people to look at. Also people wouldn’t have any place for warmth and/or getting cool. Architecture is all around us, it’s in our everyday lives from houses to skyscraper and from tunnels to bridges. Architecture isn’t only about shelter and pieces of art. It is also about how everything flows with each other. With architecture everything connects with one another. For example how on room will flow with the other or how the sidewalk is going to be constructed. Architecture is also bringing the little/big things and making it into something big and creative so that the shelter or model can stand out. For example, making house in which perfect lighting comes through throughout the day and has an outstanding exterior figure that stands out from any other shelters that is surrounding it. in conclusion I believe that architecture is a form of art that we can’t live with. It is in our everyday lives and provides shelter, warmth, and beauty to this world.