ARCH 1121 An Introduction to Architecture…Spring 2016 Mishara

Juan Magana

Differences And Comparisons Between

An Igloo And A Yurt

                                They are many differences between a Yurt and an Igloo. One of the differences is mainly the structure and the environment that its surrounds the Igloo and the Yurt. In an Igloo the structure of the shelter is composed of blocks of ice (snow that can be easily compacted). Meanwhile a Yurt is an easily portable wooden tent that is covered with animal skin. An Igloo is common in cold areas (e.g. Antarctica, Alaska) and Yurts are located in Central Asia. Igloos Is usually a temporary house, it would only last around 2-3 days.  A Yurt could last a decent amount of years if you take care of it. Igloos are better with insulations since the material of snow is thicker, whereas in a yurt the wind penetrates the animal skin and go through the material.  Although they are both have their differences, they also have some comparisons. For example, they both have a sphere type of figure and both are made for some type of shelter. Both shelters also consist of only one huge space/room the middle of the structure. Also both Yurts and Igloos provides some type of air wholes so that that air can pass by. In conclusion, these are some similarities and differences that an Igloo and yurt have between each other.