ARCH 1121 An Introduction to Architecture…Spring 2016 Mishara

Brandon Havens

Prof. Mishara – 1121

Igloo Questions

What is the purpose of an igloo?

Usually, in very cold areas, igloos are used as a form of temporary shelter. However, larger igloos were used to house anywhere from 5 to 20 people, depending on the area, and were typically used for feasts or traditional dances.

What characteristics make the igloo a vernacular building?

An igloo is categorized underneath the vernacular styling because it’s built using local construction materials(ice and snow), for people who need shelter in the extreme cold, and because most igloos are built in areas in which they’ve been built for years, it’s quite traditional amongst Inuit.

In what type of climate are igloos found?

Igloos are found in arctic climates, ones that are cold and covered in snow and ice.

How does an igloo deal with location and climate?

An igloo needs a climate and location such as Greenland, or Antarctica, because it’s constructed by cut-snow masonry, typically in rural locations. The icy/snowy climate is needed in order to construct and sustain an igloo, it’d melt if it was built in too warm of an area. It’s only built in locations like these because these are the only locations that really need them, there’s no need(nor any chance) to construct an igloo in California. However, in places such as Alaska, an igloo might not be a bad idea, because it can protect several people from harsh cold.