ARCH 1121 An Introduction to Architecture…Spring 2016 Mishara

Comparison between curtain walls of the Voorhees building and the new building

The Voorhees and the new building that is still under construction on Jay St. and Tillary  Ave, are both simple modernized buildings mostly covered with glass windows as curtain walls. Geometrically, both curtain walls appear to have individual steel that carves around the windows and somehow give either a rectangular or squared shape. Both curtain walls appear to be greenish and similar in structural height.

Though the new building is not complete, some differences of the two buildings are already standing out. The windows of the Voorhees building are square in shape, whiles the windows of the new building are rectangular in shape and also facing vertically in direction. The Voorhees building’s windows are pushed in as the steels that carves around it comes out. The new building however is smoothly aligned with the steels that carve around them.

In terms of overall design, the Voorhees building has more going on as parts of the building is almost carved out, and the new building so far looks plain.