ARCH 1121 An Introduction to Architecture…Spring 2016 Mishara

Brittney McKenzie

ARCH 1121


Igloo vs. Yurt


The Yurt and the Igloo are 2 structures that are similar yet very different. Both used as shelters and homes however, have 2 different ways of use. They both have the dome shaped structure but the Yurt has more of a cone shaped finish at the top of the structure. Both have vernacular type of style and provided airway into the home. They both also need certain climate locations to stay up and only take at most 4 days to create. The Igloo needs a cold climate with snow and ice (Artic Circle) so that the blocks will be able to melt in place. However, the Yurt is located in warmer climate with open grasslands (Mongolia) where there is comfort on the inside (due to climate). The Yurt which is a wooden structure can last longer than the Igloo which is made up of ice and snow if you take care of it well enough. But in the end, both are spectacular structures used as shelters and homes for many people in those areas.