ARCH 1121 An Introduction to Architecture…Spring 2016 Mishara

Compare and Contrast of the igloo and Yurt

The igloo and the yurt have many similarities and differences. As for similarities, the igloo and the yurt are both vernacular structures. They are both successful in achieving their goals. The goals are to provide shelter, warmth and keeping out the strong winds. They are both easy to construct. They are both constructed out of biodegradable materials. The degradable materials used are snow, and felt wool. The igloo and the yurt both have dome-like shapes to the structure. They both can be used for temporary usage. They both have a single room used for multiple activities.

As for differences, the igloo entrance begins underground and the yurts entrance begins on top of the ground level. Although they are both made with biodegradable materials, they are both made from different materials. The igloo is made out of ice blocks and the yurt is made of felt wool. Another difference is that the igloo has gone unchanged over the years. For example, the way it has been built has not changed. As for the yurt, it has been updated with plastic and different materials. These two structures is being used in two different climates. The igloo is used in a cold climate and the yurt is used in the hotter climate with lots of winds. The needs for the shelters are different. The igloo is needed because in the cold climate, warmth is needed. So the igloo is used to protect from the cold and wind. As for the yurt it is used to protect from the strong winds.