ARCH 1121 An Introduction to Architecture…Spring 2016 Mishara

Brittney McKenzie

Assignment #1

What is architecture?


The dictionary definition of architecture is “the art or practice of designing and constructing buildings.” However, it is more than that. It is the symbolic representation of life. Every moment you are surrounded by architecture which shapes humans behavior and effects our psychological mood. Though architecture is known as like the top hardest major in college, it affects a human’s activity. Architecture is like a form of communication that is nonverbal of course. But the question still remains; what is architecture really?

It is the way of life. This can determine how you interact with people every day to your mood. Unless we wake up in the wilderness it affects how we adapt to the environment. “The color of the walls can determine our mood” (Roth pg4). A building really does change the way we feel; if we live in a ‘fancy looking’ building we would feel fancy and so on. We must make sure each building follows codes which help protect people from anything including natural disasters. However, we as architects need to remember that we must design for the future not just for the present. Our buildings have to cooperate with nature as well as enhance nature. We have to make sure we use the correct materials and have the building face a certain way so that a specific amount of sunlight. This form of artistic expression can make someone’s dream come true. Architecture is the way of life and has a serious impact on people everywhere.

I have always had a passion for design. For a few years I have been doing interior decorating for special events at my church such as weddings and birthday parties. Architecture came to my mind after watching 2 movies, Click and The Avengers. In the movie Click, Adam Sandler was an actual architect and the technology he was using and what he was actually doing caught my attention. It was the same with The Avengers. However, my initial plan was to major in Interior Design, but I had to switch that plan since I am attending here at City Tech. Do I have the skills to be an architect? I am new to everything so I have nothing. Learning how to hand draft as well as using the computer programs can be difficult but I find this major unique and very creative, which is what I am. I love creativity and architecture can have someone’s creativity come to life which is amazing. I want to be an architect to well first be able to create peoples dream homes. I also want to build an amazing homeless shelter to get more homeless people off the street. I want to be an architect to make a difference.

Architecture: the way of life, the shaping of the environment, the design of space (Wiley pgs. 2-10). This career makes a difference in people’s lives because it affects the way people behave and think. The creations of these buildings need to benefit people and the environment today and forever. Architects need to adapt to the environment they are working and going to build at and need to learn to build that bond with their client.