ARCH 1121 An Introduction to Architecture…Spring 2016 Mishara

I use to always wonder of what I was going to be in my life. When I was in high school, my friends had some specific areas of what they wanted to attempt. However, I wasn’t very sure about my career path. People often found something interest them the most and make it in the future. I remember when I was struggling, I saw my friend posted a designed works on Wechat. By looking through his designed works, I got my inspiration by a video, which recorded his amazing imagination and creativity from exterior and interior structure of the building. I wondered how people might felt when living in this environment. I have thought if I could be the one to design my own place. Although, I haven’t study architecture before, I would show my capability of creating better living environments for people.

There are another reason that attracted me to architecture was my friend introduced his architectural work from Auto CAD. At first, I was attracted to the software that he was using. I wondered how he used the Auto CAD to design a building. His assignment was to design a public library. His design philosophy is to make public green. The library was surrounded with bamboos, and there were some seats in between. The outdoor environment worked perfectly when the sunlight came through bamboos, I could imagine the feeling when seating there and reading books. That day made me more interested in architecture. I wanted to make public become green and design some amazing structures for publics.

Architecture to me is an inspiration and creation that a designer made to give people a comfortable place to live. For example, when architects designed houses, they always think about how to make houses comfortable. The purpose of designing a house is for family spending good time together. But, how can architects help houses become comfortable? The color of the interior structure, the way of how furniture placed, and the lighting design are important elements for architect in designing.