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    Reynolds Adjei Arpan bakshi
    3/16/2012 Site planning

    Park Inventory
    I visited the Richman (Echo) Park located on Tremont and Webster Avenue Bronx, NY 10457. The park Is located on a slope which has its advantage and disadvantages. The slope makes it possible for those on the higher part of the hill to view almost their entire surroundings from one end of the park to another. Also it creates space for privacy and quietness when needed. A disadvantage is that those in the lower areas don’t get the great view those at the top part of the park see though the view of on the lower part is pretty descent.

    The park has lots of exits and ways to enter which I must recommend and a great amount of walking space. Another thing I realized about the park is there aren’t enough benches for people as well as shade. It is also a very small park. It would have been nice if the size was a little larger considering its location. From all side views it looks like the park melts into the land which is a very interesting aspect of the park.

    Though its surroundings are rocky, vegetation space isn’t limited, there is grass almost everywhere on the park. The park is viewable by all due to open spaces. It is missing a lot of things there which makes it a little boring to hang around there. There isn’t much to do. Circulation is very easy and breezy as well.

    3:00pm – I took a bus to the park which fortunately is linked to about 3 busses making it convenient enough for people to get to the park with more ease. On my arrival, took a look around me and noticed it wasn’t really packed, a moderate amount of people but most of what the park had to offer were being used example both basketball courts were in use, including the handball court, benches, swings and the jungle gym.

    3:15pm – the amount of people at the park were almost still the same with people walking through the park as a short cut route to get to the other end of the block. This is something that normally happens because of the park’s good circulation.

    3:30pm – I realize the number of adults in the park decreased as the number of youth increase. I wondered why but then the answer was it was the time they got out of school and most kids tend to head to parks to take part in activities such as ball playing and enjoying the scene as a way of relaxing and unwinding after a day at school. It got a little breezy and chilly at the higher part of the park. The lower part stayed a little warmer because the wind blew against the higher rocky parks of the park which blocked the lower parks.

    3:45pm – The scene was pretty much the same but the number of young adults did increase by 3 or more people.

    4:00pm – While getting ready to leave, I saw two ladies both with strollers and a boy on a skateboard making their way in to the park. Though there isn’t any skateboard ramp, I noticed the few kids I saw there with skateboards managed to have fun and enjoy themselves with their skateboards skating around and making use of the slopes at the park.

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