The park that I went to for this assignment was Timberline Park Located in Brentwood, Suffolk County, New York. As you enter the main entrance of the park you notice the huge gate with the parks name. The gate is separated by a tree lined median which separates the two lane road in which motorist and pedestrians use to make their way through the park. The front gate is the only pathway in which cars can enter to the parking lot. As grand as the front gate is the other entrances of the park are banal. The park has 2 other entrances at the opposite end of the park. One of the entrances is made only for pedestrians to enter while the other was man made. Pedestrians mad a third path from the intersection of timberline drive and Mockingbird Street to the park. The fence was cut down and I noticed a dirt path cut into the grass from the park to the intersection. The main reason for this is because the entrance to the park for residence living to the south is too far to walk so they would rather cut across the field and through the fence to get into the park.

The park has numerous features. Timberline has basketball courts, swimming pools, diving pools, baseball fields, football/soccer fields, playground and a path to joke around.  Interesting enough the park has a Glacier lake, but it’s not really a lake anymore because the water has evaporated since there is no incoming water source apart from rain fall. The park even has a road that lead to the “lake” and I always thought it was pointless. Then I realized that their used to be a lake their and people used that road to drop off their kayak or small boat into the lake. The park is always packed with people in the summer and the facilities are used to their full potential since everything is free to use.

The circulation through the park was actually fairly straight forward since the designer focused on having the main spin of the park as the main center of circulation. It was easy for me to find my way when I was walking and it was also easy for me to find my way when I was driving. The park feels very private due to the large amount of trees that line the perimeter of the park. Though If I was the designer wouldn’t have put a fence within the tree line perimeter. It would have made it easier if the fence wasn’t there so people walking from the nearby street can cut in-between the trees to enter the park.

The park was renovated in late 2011 with new facilities.

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