Park Observation: Leif Ericson Park

I am visiting a multifunctional park located between Ft. Hamilton Pkwy and 65th Street Brooklyn. The park is isolating by BQE into two sections, the streets and intersections also separating the park into different facilities. There are trees and fences surrounding each section of the park control the circulation. The park is pave with cobblestones, the playground is pave with rubber mats and the tennis courts are pave with asphalt. It is accessible playgrounds with ramped play equipment and universally accessible swings. The condition of the tennis courts is in need of repair, asphalt is peeling off and full of cracks.



I arrived at the park on Saturday on 2:30 afternoon; the park was full of teenagers and children. It was 65 degrees, but it was windy. I am wearing a tee shirt with a small jacket. I sit down on a bench in the park for 10 minutes then I walk around the tennis courts and join my friends.



Several adults sit on the benches watching at their own children. Even it is 65 degrees, but it feels like 50s, with cold wind at 18 mile per hour. Therefore, all those adult are wearing a small jacket and holding another jacket for their child. Approximately, six to eight children playing in the jungle gym, three girls and two boys ages 4-8 riding their bikes and two girls ages 7-10 with their rollers on.



Across the street, the tennis courts are full of teenagers; most of them are wearing shorts and T-shirt. Two young adults stand aside waiting for empty court.

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