1. Inventory Observation WritingI am in Paley Park. It is typical pocket park in New York City. The park is located at 3 East 53rd street. There are buildings on three sides of the park and entrance on south side. The entrance includes tree steps with hand  rails and two ramps on either side of the stairs. The whole park is elevated approximately 24-36 inches above the street level. There are two green walls on sides and water fall in on the back wall.  The ground covered with block paving and concrete. There are couple trees. White metal tables and chairs are located on either side of the a path  in the middle of the park that leads you to the waterfall.
  2. Running Observation Writing
  • 11.00am – I arrived at park on March 18, 2012. It was 55-60 degrees. However, the wind is cold, so I am wearing leather jacket. It cloudy weather so I do not have chase to see sun and shade areas of the park.
  • 11.05am – Many tourists are visiting this park and taking pictures next to the back wall (the water fall). There are couple people sit by tables and reading. Everybody wears jackets.
  • 11.30am – More and more people start to stop by and take pictures of the park. Many of them spend some time (15-30 minutes) in the park.

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