Heyddi Abreu

The high line elevated park

Location Manhattan, New York

The high line elevated park is located along 10th Ave. in the meatpacking district, running between 30th street and Gansevoort Street this once abandoned railroad viaduct stretches is thirty feet above the streets of downtown New York which was built in 1934; the first section of about 10 city blocks, and the second section cover the of 22 city blocks that opens to the public in June 8, 2011.

From far a way I saw a long path 10th Ave. that include sits, plants, sun, shades, many people, a spectacular view of New York City, Huston River, and Jersey City. Also, some benches and many trees; the designers of this innovative project leave the remaining train tracks along with the art-deco railings, and simply blend in new walkways and benches. I saw some materials as the mean areas paved and the rest of tree flowers and grass areas, and shades areas provide from the building around the park. The park is designed for activities such as running, walking, have lunch, tours that want a different view of the cities, concerts, and in the shades some street sales. It is a very clean park, but has two areas under construction. It has 9 stairs with an elevator, 4 restroom, at 30th street cutout, radical bench, and wildflower field, 26th street viewing spur, Philip A, and Lisa Maria Falcone flyover, 23th street lawn and seating steps, Chelsea ticket and grasslands, 10th avenue square, Chelsea market passage, Diller-Von Furstenberg Sundeck and water feature, 14th street passage, Gansevoort woodland

4:00PM            I arrived at the park last Sunday. The park was packed of people. It was a comfortable sunny 48 degrees. I stay at the 14th street passage, which is on of the entrance of the park until I finished at the 14th street passage, which is one of the entrances of the park until I finished an ice cream, watching the park activities.

4:10PM           I saw many people using the park in different ways, as lying at the sits tanning, walking and running, having lunch, having a conversion while enjoy the view, tourist-taking pictures. At the same time I was trying to understand how the path works, where the areas to walk, sit, run, or which way to walk uptown or downtown.

4:20                I started walking uptown, as my whole tour, I saw all can of culture as well neighbors from the are enjoy the park in it many open spaces and activities as I mentioned already.

5:00              I was halt way in the park and I was surprised of all the view, even though the park is in the city between building, I felt like I was in a relax place.


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