Canarsie Park


  1. I’ve decided to visit Canarsie – Sew View Park, located along the water front the park provides a very relaxing atmosphere. The average sized park is filled with facilities; even so the park is also filled with vegetation and often lures one to just have a quiet stroll along the whining paths or even take a nap on the lush green grass.



  1. 2.     8:20. arrived at the park at 10:20 am on a Saturday. I was appalled there were so many people there that early. It was very sunny; the temperature was around 64 degrees Fahrenheit. There was a group of parents playing with their children next to the bench where I sat. they all seems to know each other.


8:35. a young girl ran by in a track suit, her headphones was in her ears so she wasn’t acknowledging others as she jogged by. The group of parents is now sitting, seems like they were exhausted and are just monitoring the energetic kids, while enjoying a conversation amongst them.


8:50. a man walks by with his dog on the leash. He is wearing a T-shirt, shorts and a baseball hat. He interacts with everyone along his path by saying “Hi” or “Good morning”. The dog full of energy started dragging him along trying to chase after the birds which were feeding off of the bread crumbs thrown out along the pavement for them previously.

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