1. Inventory Observation Writing – Bryant Park

The park is located at 41 West 40th Street. This is a relatively large park and is divided into two sections by a central green area. The park is surrounded be streets on all four sides. The entrance in the middle on the southern side has steps leading to an area used for seating. Before leaving this area to get to the grassy spot there is a large fountain that seems to be the focus of the seating area. There are paths on the longest sides that move you around the grass area towards more food options, in the direction of the library located there. The park is abundant with trees, has several areas to eat and sit down as well as a restroom and ramp access.

2. Running Observation Writing – Bryant Park

I visited the park on March 14, 2012 at around 4:30pm. It was a nice day out. I entered from the southern side of the park and sat down at the tables. Ware I sat was shady, the seating area opposite of me was sun filled. I noticed that the people around me had angled their chairs to face the fountain in the area and were watching it. There were many people visiting the park and taking advantage of the food services available there. Every one seems to be at the park to relax and no one seems to be in a hurry to leave.

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