ANTH 1102 Witchcraft, Magic, Religion OER Prof Pope Fischer

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ANTH 1102 Witchcraft, Magic, Religion OER Prof Pope Fischer
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ANTH 1102
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People rely on religion and various belief systems to bring meaning and understanding to everyday life. This course will show how anthropologists unravel and interpret cultural belief systems to gain insight into the cultural environment. Cross-cultural ethnographic examples will illustrate the various ways in which anthropologists analyze belief systems as a way to understand a culture. Topics include religion, worldview, symbolism, taboo, myth, ritual, witchcraft, shamanism, religious practitioners, magic, healing, and spirits. Students must be prepared to look at both literate and pre-literate ritual systems. Non-Western belief systems are contrasted with religions of the Western world. Theoretical approaches to religious systems will be included along with an observational field project.


This course was created by: Lisa Pope Fischer

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