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  • Who can best beat Trump?
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    To beat Trump, would the Democrats do better nominating a far-left progressive like Bernie Sanders or a more moderate Democrat like Joe Biden or Pete Buttigieg? Who do you think would be most likely to win over Trump?


    Aaron Arroyo

    No one.

    Let’s face it, the Candidate Trump of 2020, is vastly, VASTLY, more powerful than he was in 2016. Not only has he maintained his supporter base, but he grew it. He has successfully united the Republican Party and has the full power of the Conservative base of America at his disposal.

    The Democrats on the other hand? Dis-unified and barking at each other. The rift between Moderates and Progressives is only growing, and last debate showed it. Everyone dived on Bernie Sanders, who is the new front-runner, calling his politics divisive. What stuck out to me the most is that – I don’t recall who – said that Bernie is jeopardizing the mission to Defeat Trump.

    Defeat Trump. That’s their mission. Let that sink in.

    This shows how disunified and chaotic the Democrats have become. At this point they just want someone that can defeat Trump. Not someone who promises real change, not someone who has proven results, and not someone who will become a beacon of hope. Someone who can beat Trump. That basically says, “We don’t give a rat’s behind about WHO is the nominee, what matters is the probability they can beat Trump.”

    In this mentality, they have split themselves between Moderate and Progressive. While the Democratic part of America is divided, the Conservative part is united, and is only growing more powerful.

    But that’s just my take on it.


    Brandon Alvarez

    Honestly, I feel like Bernie Sanders has the best chance at possibly beating Trump. I say this mainly because Bernie Sanders grew in popularity in 2016 and has only continued to grow in popularity since then. He started off as a third party and now he has a real shot of becoming a final candidate against Trump. Bernie is trying to make some form of a change to help push America in a better place than it is now. I’m not saying everything he says will come to fruition but he does have the ability to help get started in that direction. So that’s why I think Bernie Sanders has the best shot at beating Trump

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