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  • Trump fires acting AG
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    Any thoughts? Who else can he fire? His erratic decision making is very scary.


    This raises a good question indeed. On the one hand, the attorney general (in this case acting attorney general, pending confirmation of Jeff Sessions) is supposed to function with some degree of independence from the president, as opposed to being one of the president’s subordinate aides. At the same time, how far can the holder of such an office go in overtly opposing the president and still expect to keep the post? This is a question with no simple answer.

    But there’s an irony here, because when Obama nominated Sally Yates to a deputy AG position, one of the Senators in her confirmation hearings asked her if she would be willing to oppose the president if the president wanted something illegal done. The president being referred to was, of course, Obama, and who was the Senator asking the question? Jeff Sessions!

    I hope some people will add to this thread, and launch other threads as well.



    Trump firing the acting AG only shows us that he’s trying to create a government with people that on support him, so they can support his ideas and all his actions. This is quite frightening because we are highly unaware of what else trump can do because he cannot be underestimated. The only thing that can slow him down is to raise more questions about how he can be impeached unless he finds a way around that as well.

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