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  • This Week's Democratic Debates
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    The first round of Democratic debates is this week, on Wednesday and Thursday nights from 9 to 11. The more conventionally favored candidates are up on Thursday night, but Elizabeth Warren is up Wednesday night, and she may be in the process of pulling ahead. Cory Booker is also on Wednesday night and is interesting to watch. If you’re watching the debates, please feel free to post your thoughts here on this message board. Among other things, here are some questions to consider:

    1. it’s well known that some of the candidates are considered more viable than the others. Do the moderators reinforce that with the questions they ask and which candidates they ask more questions to? And on Thursday night when Sanders is up, do the moderators show any bias either for or against Sanders? (Or Biden? Or Buttegieg?)

    2. Is there any one of the so-called lesser candidates who impresses you with his or her evidence of ability?

    3. How much, or how little, do we hear about Trump in these debates?

    4. Besides the badness of trump, is there anything they all seem to agree on?

    these are just examples of themes to consider. Point is, if you’re watching, both past and future students of my classes, I urge you to share your reactions here.

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