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    (Before I begin this post, let me repeat my expression of hope that more students will post in the other threads that we have going here. I’m very interested in seeing who agrees or disagrees with perceptions that have been expressed in those threads.)

    I just made a video. As I have said in class, while I usually keep my political opinions to myself when I’m teaching, especially when it comes to specific candidates, I am appalled by the Donald Trump campaign. I’m still not asking any of my students to be, though some have volunteered the fact that they are, but I am open about the fact that I am. I am also open about the fact that a year ago I felt able to assure students that Donald Trump would not get anywhere near as far in the campaign as he is right now.

    I have shared with my classes the fact that I just made this video and posted it on YouTube. I want to say a quick word about it. I made this video mainly to reach people who might consider voting for Trump, who might think either that he’s a lesser of evils or that he has something this country needs. I attempted to appeal to their national pride, since that’s what they’d think they were exercising if they voted for Trump.

    This is just a personal reflection, speaking person to person rather than professor to students. And, as always, I very much welcome your thoughts, including disagreements with me. (But please always keep disagreements with each other friendly.)


    Gloria Siguencia

    Yes, professor I find it ridiculous that he is actually in the top pursuing presidency. I never though he will get this far. It all seem to be a game, just an entertainment for him until he got bored but his actually serious and wants to become the 45th President of the United States. By Trump’s desire to become president it caused me to decide that this year will be the first time I ever vote.


    Oh, by all means yes, please vote. As your fellow citizen, I humbly beseech you to vote.


    Giselle Nicholas

    That was a nicely put together video Professor, but I am definitely not in agreement with its content. I am appalled that Donald Trump has even made it this far in the running to become President. Everything that he has mention that we would like to change with education, healthcare, immigration has not been any thing of substance that would make me say that I believe in his views and I want him to be my President. I will definitely be voting this year because I don’t want to see this man at the White House or anywhere else!


    Ms. Nicholas: What do we disagree on? My video is completely anti-Trump. Please take another look at it if you think it’s anything other than that. You and I feel exactly the same way about the Donald Trump campaign.


    Giselle Nicholas

    Hello Professor, I was being sarcastic lol, I thought you would have picked up on my weird sense of humor.


    Ah, okay; some things are clearer in person than in print. Thanks for your reply.

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