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  • Biden's Low Approval Rating
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    President Joe Biden’s approval rating was pretty good for the first few months of his presidency, but it’s been down around 42% for about the last half-year or so. Any thoughts on why? (Reminder: If you have access to this board, whether as a past, present, or future student of my American Government class, your thoughts are most welcome here.)


    Aaron Arroyo

    I honestly think it’s simply because no one likes Biden. Back when I was in your class – I am now a proud Citytech Graduate – I’m sure you remember me espousing the idea that Biden had dementia. While I no longer hold that specific view, I do believe Biden to be incompetent. But my personal opinion the president aside, I really do think no one likes him. We have to remember that he was the candidate pushed through by the establishment democrats in order to beat Trump; the other popular choice was Mr. Bernie Sanders. From my point of view, nobody likes Biden: nobody wanted him to be president, nobody wanted to vote for him. BUT, they didn’t want Trump to be president either.
    His high approval ratings in the first few months could possibly come from the general optimism surrounding a new president, and that is completely fair and I don’t dispute high approval ratings for the first few months of any president – even if I don’t like that president. It makes sense.
    But those first few months are over, and now the hype has died down, members from all corners of the political spectrum have had a roughly a year to examine Biden’s presidency and determine if he’s done a job they approve of. According to the polls – only 42% think he’s doing a good job, the other 58% seem to think otherwise.
    Now of course, there could be numerous factors at play here, but I’ll name the big ones such as COVID and The Great Resignation. I believe these two issues have resulted in people putting the blame on Biden for these issues – whether he has influence on these issues or not. People tend to blame the president for issues like this.
    At the end of the day, I don’t want Biden to be president. My hope is that the next presidential election he is ousted by another candidate. I really do think no one likes Biden, and that’s why his approval ratings are comparable to Trump’s, and I say that not out of my own personal bias but because it just really seems to be the case.
    I also do want to state that Biden was 78 years old upon election. Trump was 70. Personally, I think the time has come for two things to happen:
    1) Lower the restriction on age to run for president.
    2) Implement a restriction on age that persons 65 and older cannot run for president. IF however, a person runs for president at 64, and turns 65 during the elections or during his time as president, then that’s okay. He can even run for reelection in that case too.
    I think another thing that is worth mentioning – that may influence his approval ratings – is that Biden is an old man. I think the current generation – Zoomers – are tired of having a bunch of old people run the country, and would rather have fresh young blood give it a go. The youngest presidents ever were Theodore Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy. Theodore happened over 100 years ago, while Kennedy happened nearly 60 years ago. It’s time for a change.


    Michael Altamirano

    The Presidents approval rating could be so low because of the how social media portrays him. Misinformation isn’t new for Biden, with some believing he stole the election however I have personally see video and comment toward Biden making fun of him due to his problem speaking during speech and well as video making of Biden like when we fell down the stairs. These videos and comment can lead to people believe that Biden isn’t fit to be president.



    The president approval rating could be low because of the economy on it went up with prices especially people are not in good terms with that. People also see how controls with covid and so far there are cases going up and I think because before mask wasn’t law but not it is the law about wearing mask. Another thing is political, Biden is a democrat, some people prefer president to be a republican.

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