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  • Acrimony among the Democrats: Will it help the Republicans in November?
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    These last couple of weeks, there’s been some nastiness between the campaigns of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, and between supporters out in the general population. Some reports say 1 in 4, others 1 in 3 or even more, of the Bernie Sanders supporters say they refuse to vote for Hillary Clinton in November if she’s the Democratic nominee. Do you think they really mean it? Do you think division in the ranks of Democrats and liberals will cause the Republican nominee to win the election? Do post some thoughts here.


    Nisi Mendez

    I think that people don’t want to vote for Hillary because she is a woman, probably other aspects of her too. However, if they are on the Democratic side why not vote for her instead of giving the chance of letting a Republican win.


    Special K

    I think that people don’t like Hillary Clinton because she will say whatever it takes to get nominated. Her “tricky dicky” husband thinks he’s a master political strategist but people are tired of him and his wife. When Hillary first started her campaign, she couldn’t care less about the progressive agenda and she thought she had the nomination on lock. It was only until Sanders started to get some support among blacks, Latinos, and young people that she started to change her tune. ( And Sanders had to pushed by Black Lives Matter and others to mount a substantive campaign himself). Now she’s holding Obama close to the vest in order to get his loyal following from some African American and Latino voters. What she can rely on is that there is a significant number of us who don’t care what she says or how she says it, she will not be getting our votes. Period.

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