AFR1130 Africana Folklore Fall 2018

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    Judith Sihibdeen

    I believe a person of color in the United States of America can attempt to make that choice, the choice of choosing the type of person he or she wants to be, but in today’s society circumstances can affect the outcome. The first thing that comes to mind is the fact that skin color still plays a big part in how some people think in our society. Although society has changed when it comes to the color of a person’s skin, for example there are no signs directing us to which bathroom to use or telling us where we can sit when dining out, people in power still have the option of choosing who they want to live, work, or accept in their establishments, whether its an apartment, restaurant, or business, you may qualify but you may still be penalized because of the color of your skin. This may sound absurd but in this circumstance a person of color in the United States in my view cannot freely make that choice for himself or herself, but there are a few exceptions those who get to experience “The American Dream” and choose who they want to be.



    I agree completely because this is the way to be.



    I think that people have the choice in today United States of America of being anything they work toward. There may still be some hate out there for sure, but you cannot let those voices drown out yours. Just believe in and keep working smart and hard.



    The land of United States has many diversity. Therefore we must get comfortable with our environment and work toward success


    Win Htoo

    It is always about adaption and choosing the right thing when it comes to decision. Just work hard and do not let others to manipulate your life.

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