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    Everybody has their own importance in their life. There are 5 important things in my life. Family, friends, money, education and travel. Family is the one who take cares about you. Friends are the one who is going to help you in your sorrow and happiness. Money is necessary to live. Without money, you cannot go to school, or run your daily life. To run life without education in this 21st century is impossible. I travel every single day. Life is motion that needs to be keep running. So, these are five important things in my life.



    I think money is really important because when you have money, you have the freedom of choice. Most people might say that health is important, I agree but unfortunately if you gets sick you will not be able to receive the proper medical care if you do not have the financial means.


    Aneudy Abreu

    After listening and thinking about what peter argument is about, I came to think that peter is right as well. His premise is that everything we do to be successful is driven by money.
    Although this is not entirely true. For him, money seems to be passion, therefore money will be the drive in achieving(succeeding) at things he does, as soon as the success measurement how much money he makes.



    something that is extremely important to me today is… today is my birthday and i rather not be in class. i have a responsibility to myself to succeed in this class so here i am.


    Mr. Beckford

    Family is important. Without a solid support system and sound guidance it is difficult for an individual to maneuver within society.


    Joseph Tran

    Some things that are important to me are my education, well being, and my happiness.



    The things that are most important to me are my family, health, education, faith, and friends. In my life these factors help to keep me balanced, focused and happy.



    Write about something that you think is important.

    Currently, the most important point for me is education because the education is the simplest way that leads to progress and success. One very famous Russian writer said:” Education is your future that can make your life simpler” and I am absolutely agree with him.

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