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    To All NYCCT Students,

    Upon completion of research efforts conducted with respect to the availability of additional social media networking forums which would allow the NYCCT student body to communicate with each other, I am pleased to announce, effective immediately, that Yik Yak has been given the “green light” for use on our campus.

    While I am confident that our student body will use this app with the utmost integrity I would ask that the users of this app avoid using vulgar or derogatory language or images in their posts. Also, please refrain from posting threatening or biased text and visual content that may prove disrespectful to others. And lastly, while this site maintains its anonymity factor, please note that the college will utilize every effort to track and hold offenders of the above accountable for any inappropriate or unlawful content posted to the site.

    I thank you for your cooperation and wish you happy usage.

    Russell Hotzler
    NYCCT President



    Attention Students!

    The Office of the President was made aware of a fast growing application called “Yik Yak” around many campuses include our beloved City Tech. While we understand that everyone have a right to choose what is best for one, I would like to remind everyone that we are apart of a educational community and is expected to act that way. It is also important to remember that having anonymous user name does not mean, your information receive from whatever device is not store on a server. Remember whatever you post is being seen by everyone, I trust that anyone using Yik Yak will be respectful and use it for the purpose for which it was created for.

    Any student’s that still have question about this application is advice to visit the Student Government Association office or Atrium Learning Center.

    Thank you for your time

    President Russel Hotzler



    Attention to all city tech students:

    Social media is popular in today’s society and is used to communicate with each other. Further, a new app called Yik Yak is becoming widespread among students. Also, Yik Yak differs from other social media apps because it allows uses to post anonymously and the news feed is based on geographic location of 1.5 mile radiuses. Please be advised that any abusive or offense language will not be tolerated. As mentioned before, the post are anonymous so students must be responsible and respectful for any post made on the newsfeed.

    Thank you for your cooperation.

    Russel Hotzler
    City Tech President



    Dear student,

    In this message we want to inform you that you can use YikYak application in our college. Yik Yak is one of the social media application. Thanks to this application, our student can discuss many questions that relate to our community or to education possess. The main advantage of this Application is that all members can do posts anonymously that also can leads to bully online. For this reason, we asked all student use in YikYak only proper language and don’t “abuse” other students’ posts. All who ignoring those rules will be delated from this application.
    We hope that you will be very active in our online social life and use YikYak application properly to the rules.

    Volodymyr Ivankevych



    Attn: To all fellow NYCCT students,
    This is a Message from the President Russell Hotzler,

    There is a new social media platform being used by all college students. This app requires no supervision and we expect all participants to take this newly established trust and post as responsible adults. Which in tells reframing from posting anything that can be taken as in form of Bullying and or prejudice activities. We have trust that no one will abuse the given power and continue to give everyone their need respect. With that being said enjoy the semester study smart not hard.

    Thank you for your time, assistance, and cooperation.

    Best Regard

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