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    The President of City Tech has asked you to write a summary of the pro’s and con’s of using Yik Yak on campus. President Hotzler asked you to read this New York Times article as background:


    Troy D.

    YikYak is yet another social media mobile app, in the same vein as Twitter. The two major selling points of this app are a lack of censorship as well as total anonymity. In addition, only the posts made by people within 1.5 miles of themselves, ensuring no stranger from the other end of the country doesn’t prey on anyone else. This has become a popular app among college students across the nation. It merges modern social media with the harmless gaffing that people say this generation does not do enough of.
    The major problems involving the app comes down to the nature of the people talking. Because nobody needs to censor themselves, they can choose to be as vile and aggressive as they choose. One user, whether tongue-in-cheek or not, said that they would shoot a gun in the school that very day. YikYak does warn people before they post that their racy message is considered offensive, but it does nothing to stop and filter these statements. The relaxed approach to censorship fits right into the agenda of today’s anarchic youth.



    At a glance, the Yik Yak app looks to be a good app to improve socializing for college students. Socialization is an important factor when it comes to freshmen entering the college, since they are most likely leaving many friends aside to start fresh with more friends and more new teachers. However, it suffers from supporting an option to keep your post anonymous. While this is a good feature for students who don’t want to be known or will like to keep some privacy in their life, it does cause a problem when, as seen in other social sites, people abuse the system and start cyber bullying people.


    Joseph Tran

    Yik Yak is a social media app similar to Reddit for phones where users are able to speak and express themselves freely. But unlike Reddit the contents of Yik Yak are unfiltered. By unfiltered I mean uncensored. People can post anything from how nice a day it is, to how they just killed someone. Where on Reddit, the second comment about murder would have been filtered and deleted. A highlight of the Yik Yak app is every comment is anonymous. This meaning no username or any way to know who posted a certain comment. The pros of this app is the way a community can connect. So using the app in City Tech would allow students to discuss events or problem that occur in school. But the cons of this app is that since it is anonymous and unfiltered, people can post negative or inappropriate topics. This can affect other students, teachers and the school itself.

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    The idea of being able to quickly communicate a message anonymously to people within a 1.5 mile radius is great. As long as the content is harmless with no malicious intent. However, with many popular social media applications, there will always be those who enjoys creating havoc and spreading negative contents. I believe as long as there is some sort of content control, I feel like it can be very beneficial.


    Damika Green

    Hello President Hotzler,
    Today I read the article “Who Spewed That Abuse? Anonymous Yik Yak App Isn’t Telling” by JONATHAN MAHLER in order to get a better understanding of this Yik Yak application. I could only find one major pro to this Yik Yak application and that would be expressing your right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech is very powerful and can start healthy conversation among the City Tech community. The one major con would be this entire app is controlled by anonymous users; which can lead to inappropriate conversation among the students. The Yik Yak staff has a number of helpful filters to make sure their application can be as safe and user friendly as possible. Yik Yak on campus could be very helpful for students when it comes to Freshman or students just looking to interact with other students. We should embrace this application with open arms. We must trust that the students will use this application in the most respectful way.

    Damika Green


    Mr. Beckford

    President Hotzler,

    The use of Yik Yak may pose some drawbacks if enabled on campus with anything less than an open mind. The anonymity of the app empowers users to exercise freedom of speech without consequence. This means we should be prepared for the most vulgar and negative of comments while looking forward to the most insightful and positive comments. By welcoming freedom of thought the university administration will be able to shine light on issues which they may not have initially been made aware of. It is important for the university to discern between bashing and harsh constructive criticism.



    To President Hotzler,
    The stated article “Who Spewed That Abuse? Anonymous Yik Yak App Isn’t Telling”, display many issue faces college and student. Yik Yak is an application, which allow students to connect with fellow student and share thoughts and ideas. The developer of the app develop this application with the intentions of giving students a different feel of social media unlike other social app like twitter which require some to have followers or fan. With this app any student can share information, but like in the article some student or maybe even faculty staff decided to post mean, derogative and character defamation messages with many different college students and community on one specific professor. Because of the many issue faces over controlling what one do in their personal life, my advice to you will be to have educational workshop and newsletter about ways to act and conduct oneself on social media. Also while there are many step the College can take to help curb controller over misuse of social media sites, one will be to block access for certain site over college network.



    This is how Facebook was found it. college kids looking to keep everyone connected and share information among each other. Yik Yak is just another social media, introduced as a tool for students. However, this is very helpful tool. you can report issues that for some students are shy to talk about it. Students have all the right to freedom of peach. this is a great idea to keep the school up-today what is going on the college campus.



    The advantages of using YikYak could be spread a good message in our society. Unlike facebook and twitter, YikYak does not need a follower or friends to view a message. YikYak can view by anyone. Moreover, it can also post by anyone without need a profile. Basically, it is real time posting according to geo location and all the post represents as anonymous.
    Some disadvantages of using YikYak are post could be related to any matter in a bay way such as : gender, religion, terrorism and many more. It may affect people.According to New Time’s article, author( JONATHAN MAHLER) mentions that Yik Yak’s message affect many student and professor. Some professor complains about a student’s are using rude languages in Yik Yak’s. As per his article, professor could not able to take any action because user of YikYak is anonymous.



    Summary on: Yik Yak and its Pros and Cons
    Yik Yak is a similar social media app like twitter and facebook where anonymous posts instead of registered users. Yik Yak was opened for public a year ago, and is vast popular among young crowds now. It doesn’t allow messages or friends and followers, instead it allows anonymous to see posts through geographic location within 1.5 radius miles. The pros of this app is easy installation, didn’t require to give your personal information like your real name, or date of birth. At the same time, the cons is unwanted posts may lead to criminal activities and difficult to identify people.



    President Hotzler,

    The Yik Yak is a social media application that allows users in the same geographical area to communicate anonymously. The application use the GPS on the phone of the users to pinpoint their location as well suggest nearby Yik Yakers. The application can offer great advantages when it is used positively. Students can also use application to share academic resource and other important resource among themselves. On the flip side, the application can also be used as tool to harass, post sexual comment, hate speech as well as doing cyberbullying activities. According to the article, Yik Yak is become so popular because it allows users to post message anonymously which can make it really challenging to locate any person who post a message that is not in accordance to any society norms.




    President Hotzler,

    The app Yik Yak is a social networking app that is usually used by college students to write post anonymously. When you write and share a post, other viewers have the opportunity to like or dislike your post anonymously as well. If your post is down-voted 5 times, your post will be removed from Yik Yak.There are many reason why this app is very useful and friendly to the campus. For an example, if an incoming freshmen has a question on finding or learning something about the school, they are able to asked the question on Yik Yak where other students in the school may have the answers.
    Yik Yak is a way of making friends and to communicate with others around your neighborhood. However, there are some downfalls to this app due to the post being anonymous. People are being bullied and verbally abused because there’s someone hiding behind their screen, and no one would know exactly who they are. Although, Yik Yak are upgrading in finding ways to let the users know who they are talking to by giving every person specific an icon picture whenever they comment on someone else’s post. If you comment on a new person’s post your icon will change again. This helps by not allowing a person to be targeted or bullied. In addition, if any users uses any offensive or inappropriate words on the app, it will be deleted. If your post keeps being down-voted or reported, your will be suspended from Yik Yak.
    Overall, just like any other social network, you will always see pros and cons. However, you just have to be the bigger person and do not show an inappropriate behavior on this app. If you see something that is wrong, speak up, down-vote and report it.

    A Yik Yak User



    according to the reports from the New York Times, the Yik Yak application is a free Social Networking Platform where explicit form of opinion and language are not prohibited. Unlike Facebook, The Yik Yak application requires anonymity from its subscribers for their own protection. students who represent of the majority of its subscriber often make explicit and exaggerate form of opinion which can be regarded as en attempt of public defamation, a violation of civil right and an attack against government’s interest. Different individuals claimed being a victims of sexual harassment, unfair racial criticism and public since the popularity of the application has increase.



    President Hotzler,
    Yik Yak is a social media Smartphone application. It allows people anonymously to create and view “Yaks” within a 10 mile radius. In any every step one made there is always pros and cons of it. The purpose of using yik yak app is a great idea because sometimes by facing someone you can’t express yourself the way you want but at the back you can easily pour out your mind. Yik yak is just like professor evaluation sheet; where you can comment whatever you want on it because of its privacy. For this reason, I think yik yak is a good idea.

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