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    Within the technical field, while doing my undergrad studies, I gain an appreciation for Databases. At first I didn’t like the material as much, but as I take more classes for that course, it started to grow on me. It also fascinate me as well, how you are able to go in, get info, and come out with relative ease. In the later classes, when ERDs and relational algebra gets introduce as well, its interesting to see how something that other think is so simple, can be so complicated as well.



    I am interested in vitalization in general because it is a useful technology that many businesses and schools are increasingly using. There are several benefits that this technology is being spread and better so quick, such as budget cut in maintaining computers by centrally managing, updating and upgrading software on hundred and even thousand of workstations. Visualization also could bring big savings to companies by making full use of old devices. Remember that everything runs on the server, so your end point device doesn’t have to be powerful to satisfy your needs.



    The technology topic I’m interested in is virtualization, which is a hot topic in the I.T world right now with the rise of cloud computing. The reason I’m interested in this topic is because it’s really amazing how one physical computer can run many different servers at the same time. In addition, clients can connect with an agent from thin client, meaning low hardware configuration and all the processing in computing at the back end in the server.



    I have a deep interest in the telecommunication engineering technology because today’s dynamic economy depends completely on telecommunication professionals. Also, everything that we do or rely on in this century has something to do with voice, data, video, and internet. Telecommunication has become one of the most important and fastest growing industries in this century.



    I think robotic and 3D technology are very impressive and will be regularly used in the future world as we use the internet and computer today. Little by little, concepts in science fiction movies are becoming part of the real world. The use of 3D technology to create human’s tissue and organs to help the medical field, and the use of robots to create bionic human’s body parts are all fictional concept which are becoming more present in our existence. In movies like “terminator”, “Robocop” and ‘bicentenary man”, we have seen machines interacting with people which often make their daily life better and easier in the movies. With these powerful creations, people will live longer and better.



    The technology I’m most interested in is databases which is also my track. I also find an interest in dissembling and resembling many different devices.



    What technology or technical topic are you most interested in? Why?

    I am interested in database design and security. What draws my interest in database design is the ability to pull together data from multiple areas and place them in tables where you can then manipulate them logically and be able to generate readable reports that anyone can make sense of. Also, security is extremely important in today’s fast paced technical world and with people’s ability to “hack” into systems that are supposed to be secure security has jumped to the forefront of the computing world. We need to develop more secure servers and code so that we can keep our information safe from those that wish to use them for criminal or derogatory purposes.

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