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  • Writing Prompt 2: FavoriteTechnology
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    What technology or technical topic are you most interested in? Why?


    Joseph Tran

    The technical topic I am most interested in would be application development (programming). The reason why I enjoy application development, is the fact that you get to create your own application and control what you want it to do. This gives me a sense of power. It also makes me happy since it is as close as I can possibly get to the feeling of actually giving birth. Another simile to birth, just as watching and raising a child grow, I can modify or improve my application to make it better and watch it grow. This is why I enjoy application development.


    Aneudy Abreu

    I am truly passionate about building software.
    If you are into web development or coding at all, let’s have a talk.

    The reason I love coding/build software is because it challenges your thinking habits, forcing you to think outside of the box.



    I am interested in learning anything about computers. What I specifically am interested in about computers is coding. I enjoy seeing an idea written in code and executed as imagined. I would like to expand my coding knowledge to be able to create any vision I can dream up.


    Troy D.

    I am interested in the world of computers, namely, networking and security. I chose to study networking because I wanted to find a job that I know I am truly needed in. While the job of an IT professional is practically thankless, I will take pride knowing I got people and companies onto the internet. The area of internet security is also an interesting one to me. More people this day in age feel extremely vulnerable when surfing the internet. This isn’t a rational fear considering activities such as credit card hacks and cyber crimes and government surveillance making headlines every day. I prefer not to sit in fear and rather do something about the worlds problems.



    Technology topics that I am interesting are Electric Power, control systems and weapons design. Why? Well Electric power is one of the most diverse jobs and one of the most basic need in our lives and jobs can be created by electric power. Control systems is one more branch that electrical engineering can be apply, by designing gps, weapons, space shuttles, aero travel and more. I would like to be part of a team that can build the new innovation or new technology.


    Damika Green

    I am excited for PCIe SSD to become more popular; which in turn will make them a lot cheaper. PCIe is considerably faster than any HHD and or SSD. ” PCI-Express SSD controllers generally use two or four lanes, resulting in throughput rates of 1000 MB/s and 2000 MB/s, respectively, with the latter value being well over three times as high as SATA600’s maximum throughput. Switching to PCI-Express version 3.0 would then double these values, increasing them to 2000 MB/s and 4000 MB/s.” – Tom’s Hardware-Koen Crijns. We are constantly looking for faster ways to read/write data and PCIe is at for forefront. Personally experiencing how well SSD’s took over I know that PCIe will be popular soon enough, especially considering how demanding (they take up tons of space, 40-50GB download for the WITCHER 3) a lot of these programs are and even more so for people in the gaming community.


    Damian Robinson

    I am mostly interested in the field of Electrical Engineering and Installation. The reason why this field interest me so much is because of its wide use by humans to make their daily life easier. Just about every thing that is made incorporate some use of electrical technology or use some form of it to manufacture that something (goods).



    What technology or technical topic are you most interested in? Why?
    As my major is Telecommunication I am more interested in optic fiber because nowadays this branch of connection is very popular among common people. Thanks to it we have opportunity to have very fest internet.

    Also, I am interested in solar energy. It is very popular source of energy.



    I am interested in Database Administration. Since, data is the most valuable thing in the computer world for future changes. Database can help to create tables, query and update records. So, arranging data and managing it well is the most important thing.



    The technology that i am mostly interested in is Cloud Computing. Why? Cloud computing will be the next evolution of computers in the near future. The dynamic aspect of cloud computer is so mind blogging, with so many exciting new areas being empowered by cloud that it is fascinating to watch.



    The Technology topic that I am most interested in is to learn more about Electronics Control Systems, more training in troubleshooting, building schematic and layout.

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    The technology or technical topic I am most interested in is computer programming. Ever since I was young, I also wanted to do something with computer but I did not know exactly what I wanted to do in the computer field. I definitely knew I did not wanted to anything with hardware, so I thought I would most likely wanted to learn and major in software. As I learned and searched new information about software, I thought it was amazing how things were programmed and developed. Even though I struggle in this field and it is not easy to grasp at times, you can catch yourself making plenty of mistakes. I learned mistakes are your best friends and will help you, you will learn from those mistakes. In addition, the best of the best programmers also make mistakes. However, I am striving on becoming a better programmer.



    For topic i mostly like the network beacuse to me it is amazing how you can reaur house at a blink of an eye. The way you can control a cumputer from another location thruogh the network so easily.



    This is era of Information and Technology. Everybody needs a software to run a technologies and database to maintain an information. Mostly, I would like to build web application on Java Enterprise Edition because I have a knowledge about an core Java concept like Classes, Inheritance, polymorphism, Data abstraction and Encapsulation. Moreover I do have experience on building a web application on Python.

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