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    In the video, the presenter Jason Pontin wanted people to realize what our future hold. He states how technology is growing in demand but it is not saving our community as it should due to what its happening behind the scenes. For an example, many people are paying money for things that are cheaper that affects our planet earth than to pay for things that will help global warming. In other words, this situation should be the other way around. The things that help saves energy cost more than things that are ruin our planet causing us to get sick or become unhealthy. He wants society to focus on making the community a better place and not only involve themselves with things that is not that important such as Facebook. Pontin wants us to know how technology is affecting us in our era and how it should help us out in the long run.



    can technology solve our big problems?
    according to Mr. Pontin, yes and no, he discuss why we went to the moon and why we have not go back to the moon and why we have not go Mars. going to the moon was the big thing to do. 24 people went to the moon and only 12 walk on it. they spend on today’s money 180 Billion dollars, 20,000 organizations, 400,000 work force, 20,000 organizations. at this time period the human race have just invented the airplane, few vaccinate. execration of thrust impulses human to the unknown. SO far going to Mars, cure cancer, feeding the wold have become just a dream.



    The TED talk presentation is about the whether or not technology has an impact in solving some of our problems on Planet earth. In his presentation, Mr. Pontin indicated how technology has advanced over the years. He explained that 180 billions of dollars have been invested with a collaboration of 20 thousands of people in the project of Apollo 10 traveling to the moon. He affirmed that according to President Kennedy’s words, we chose to go to the moon because it was a hard and a big thing that Americans were eager to do. However he also explains that in the recent decades, Investments in technology has diverse from solving bigger challenges like going to Mars and creating energy to creating technology that will diverse us with trivial gadgets such the New iPhone 6. Pontin also affirmed that the change in founding of technology is caused by venture entrepreneurs who are shipping from transforming ideas to ideas that will bring financial interests to them. He also emphasizes another reason is that we choose not to solve big problems because there are more important thing to do on earth. He explains that some of the problems such as famine and lack of food supply are actually caused by bad politics and governance that needed to be dealt with not with technology. For him technology can do little in solving our problems on earth if our governing systems doesn’t change around the globe. He argued that to fix the problems, we must care politically, have institutions supporting it and we must understand the problems.



    Mr. Jason Pontin was talking about how challenging it was for us as human to go the moon during 1800’s under Gerald Kennedy’s presidency but with the participation of several organization including university and government agency it was possible. He also pointed out how this type of technology advancement could have been contribute to our wellbeing as human but instead we stop doing technological advancement that can address our real problem but instead create thing like Facebook that is diverted us to what our real problem are. He also pointed out that our failure mainly cause to bad government, they tell us that we have too much problem to solve on earth instead of helping us accomplish thing like going to mars. He was also focus in people that have economical means to help us but instead they care more about their financial benefit.



    Summary on Jason Pontin TED talk, Can Technology solve our big problems:

    On February 2013, Jason Pontin, delivered a speech on TED TV on “Can Technology Solve Our Big Problems?” in Long Beach California. Jason says that in July 21, 1969 that Polo Program was formed to send some 24 men to the moon to solve our big problems with technology approach. Jason further explained that some of the money spent on the program like 180 Billion dollars, collaboration of 20,000 organizations, 400,000 work force would have been better off to spend the money on another problem facing United States.


    Damian Robinson

    Mr. Jason Pontin speech titled “Can Technology solve our big problems” spoke about the how we humans or society on a whole use to solve big problems in the world. He said that one such problem we solved was taking man to the moon. This mission took a massive amount of resources. Apollo 11 took the first man to the moon this achievement was done with the collective cooperation of thousands of employees, organization, universities and billions of dollars in founding. Man going to the moon did not bring much back to earth but man went to the moon according to John F. Kennedy “not because they are easy but because they are hard”. Mr. Jason Pontin highlighted that this was done because of the “transcended power of technology”. He pointed out that for most of mankind kind we were unable to go “faster than a horse or a boat with a sail” but with Apollo 10 we travel 25000 mph. Because of technology the Assembly Line was created, vaccine was developed and many diseases was cured.
    According to Mr. Jason Pontin something happened to solving big problems this is because we are founding less ambitious company like Intel, Microsoft and Apple just like when they first started out. Instead technology diverted to trivial toys like the IPhone, Apps and social media. These inventions mostly enrich our daily lives “they don’t solve humanity big problems”. We can’t solve big problems because of the political system which require a popular decision. He also argues that big problems elude solution because we don’t understand the problem. Hard Problems are hard but they can be solve through technology. Mr. Pontin states that in order for humanity to solve big Problems “these four elements need to be present: “the public and the political system must care to solve the problem, Institution must support its solution, it must really be a technological problem and we must understand it”.



    In the presentation “Can technology solve our big problems?”, the speaker Jason Pointin discusses how people can solve some problems using new technology. During this presentation, Mr.Pointin shows many examples that prove how strongly our technologies were developed from Appolo 1 time. However, from other side, he criticizes the same technology because they are not able to do it again. Also, in this speech he emphasizes on the point that our society spend more money and time on the development Facebook than trying to integrate this high technology into more serious problems that are more important for our society. Other one very important point in this presentation is a government and how some politicians use those technologies to high up their rating.



    In his speech, a TED Talks the author Jason Pontin is questioning the way humanity is afronting “bing problems” such as climate change, cancer, world supplies etc. He believes that the technology should be used toward a resolution of these critical issues humanity is facing and not fear that a solution to the “big things” is hard to find. The athor presented the audience with some historical facts and achievements of humanity in the past, such as visiting the moon, inventing the airplane and advancment of medicine. But why we stopped solving “big problems” nowdays? Jason Pontin believes that politicians and a vision toward the profit are key factors in this failure.



    The speech given by Jason Pontin called “Can Technology Solve Our Big Problems” is mainly about how technological developments have helped society during the 1900s to 1970s but have been on a decline since. Throughout the technological history of the United States of America, many people have contributed to the country’s technological developments such as vaccines, airplanes, and NASA. According to Pontin, although we are continually seeing development in technology, many are created for personal profits instead of for society’s benefit. Pontin blames this on politics. With all the technology developed during the 1900s and with the great potential of developing so much more to help with society’s problems, Pontin asks “can technology solve our big problems?”



    Summary: “Can Technology solve our big problems”, by Jason Pontin. The main take away from the video was the idea of how advance technology that can help humanity haven’t advance. The speaker compare the history of how America made a bold step by sending Astronaut to the moon, which was unheard of around that time. The technologies of today according to speaker have the same common purpose compare to what was able to achieve in the mid 1900’s. Jason pointing out about the time lapse since many disease have been around, but still yet no solution or medicine have been create to cure them and blame the investor of Silicone valley investor for many of the problem because investor chooses to invest more on commercial product with quick return. The speak end by highlighted that big problem is not hard to solve is just that we don’t know what is the problem, which is very interested point because you can’t fix what you don’t know is broken.

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