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  • Technology and the Future
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    How do you think Technology can help to address some of our current problems?


    Damika Green

    The point of technology is to make life easier, so by humanity making attempts to continue to advance technology will help us with any problem we may encounter. For example we are currently on are our way to overpopulation; technology will help feed or maybe even, sadly eliminate the people of the future to preserve the country.


    Troy D.

    Technology is meant to help accomplish tasks that mere humans could never do. Much in the way a computer can determine the entire DNA structure of an organism in a matter of hours, where humans would never be able to do such a feat.
    The right technology is the kind that can be able to utilize energy properly. Methane can be found amongst the various landfills of the world. There should be equipment that is able to harness the energy from these wastelands and use them to power houses. This is done in a small scale in India, and it could be used to help major cities of the world.


    Mr. Beckford

    Technology can be used to break down ethnic tension between people across the globe. Visionaries such as Chris Milk and others are pioneering new concepts using technology already available to raise empathetic awareness. Chris Milk has been filming documentaries around the world in the hopes of helping different cultures understand each other. By using multiple advanced lenses that film in every direction in conjunction with several multidirectional microphones Chris Milk has been able to create an experience that places the viewers in the main character’s environment.

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    some problems yes, and also create more problems. For example, technology will disappear jobs and create new ones, however the jobs that are created trough technology are high skill ones and some people are not able or educated for that type of jobs, some people have trouble of how to use a computer.


    Joseph Tran

    Technology can help address some of our world problems today if used for the right purpose. If the world can focus on a technology that can become a natural source of sufficient energy, we can solve even more problems. If this technology becomes available we can grow crops in areas that lack solar energy and this can solve hunger problems in the world. Just like in TED Talk video “Can Technology Solve Our Big Problems?” by Jason Pontin has mentioned. there is nothing unachievable if we work to improve our technology.



    Technology can help address our electricity consumption issue. With the ability to convert solar energy into electricity, I feel every house should have some solar panels installed. This can relieve some of the stress from electric company generators and reduce the amount of heat being generated.


    Aneudy Abreu

    Technology helps all sort of science move faster. it takes away the burden of trivial calculations. Computers are configure to calculate molecules calculations in order to find out cures for diseases. So many permutations it’s take so much more time for scientist to arrive at, all done in a fraction of the time.


    Damian Robinson

    1. In neighbourhoods that are considered troubled and has a high concentration of crime, I would recommend, using drones to help fight crime. Using the drones we could monitor hot spots and respond to emergency much more quickly so that first responders can have an idea of what to expect before they arrive on the scene. Also by using the drone we can cover more grounds than a human can.

    2. It might not be now but we have to face the reality that we are going to have depletion in the amount of crude oil the earth can give us, because we are using much more crude oil that the earth is making. We all now that crude oil is use to make gasoline for cars to use. Why not change over our cars to electric operations and put solar panels on cars to help assist in the operation of vehicle.



    The purpose of technology is supposed to make things easier, quicker and more efficient. Technology can help address some of current problems such as saving lives with machinery items that are used in the hospital. Being able to recycle water for us as users to reused it again due to water being scarce. In addition, waste such as garbage are able to be reuse or form into something else. This is helping global warming by society to go green.



    Technology can help us to solve some of our problems in many ways. One of the example is by changing to green. People don’t like waiting for their bills to arrive in the mail because it takes some days to be delivered they rather want it online by changing to paperless.



    Technology definitely helps life to make much easier. Today, we can find technology anywhere.for instance finance, health, education and even in our daily life.With the help of latest technology, people are protecting their data.
    I think data is most valuable thing in world. Each and every countries are trying to protect data in cloud. They spend million dollar to protect their data. I can say its impossible to save a data on paper. In fact,daily life of human being’s must needs a phone or internet. Without technology, it is became difficult to survive.



    Technology connects people no matter their distance. It is a great tool to find information or statistics before you state your point of view regarding a problem. Technology also helps in revialing criminals, it is widely implemented in hospitals for a better serving their patients, or even discover new energy sources to protect the environment. Technology is a great tool overall.



    I think Technology can help address a lot of issues we are currently having, but in the same since it can also create bigger issues in society. Technology can help to keep crime down. While technology is constantly growing and developing to make everyone’s life easier but it is also a burden. A lot of people are becoming unemployed and in my opinion as technology advances the intelligence of humans as a whole is declining.



    I think that Technology can help address many of the problems that we deal with today because it offers various tools that can be used to solve and/or move situations forward in a positive direction.

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