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    There are a lot of limitation for a technology. Basically, Technology is huge concept. On the part of application, there could be problem of hacker. Lot of hacker hacks an application world wide. Another limitation could be phone and application updates day by day, so user also has to update themselves.


    Damian Robinson

    Technology does not solve every problem. One problem technology is unable to solve is global warming and climate changes.



    technology has many limitations. An example will be in the area of military defense where technology is being used to create more advanced weapon of mass destruction such as nuclear weapon and drone. Recently , the Use of US drone in Iraq was questioned facing the mass murder of innocent victims during some of their attacks. We could simply say that technology has flow in the way it helps to fix a problem by creating another one.



    I believe that technology always will have limitations, for instance security is an ongoing issue in information technology today because many company’s sensitive data is being leaked by hackers. Also, another limitation would be that technology is not always reliable and people take it for granted that it will always work. However, a system can fail and crash losing important data.



    Science and Technology have tried to make world happier and better place to live and of course they have been successful up to a great extent, but not completely. As we know a coin has two sides, similarly negative side effects of this progress in science and technology can also be seen. From my perspective, would be much better to imitate technology. Nowadays, technology take very important point in our life, they replace human in different branches. Robots are used to minimize labor cost and efficiency and in the same way, we automatically decrease our workspace where we have opportunity to do some money. From this point of view, I would like to say that the robots technology are much better if it relates to mechanical work, but unfortunately, robots are not able to analyze problems that can leads to unpredictable situation.



    Technology has the ability to make peoples lives so much easier but have so many limitations to it. To name a few is they crash, reboot and stop working at the drop of a dime sometimes without any reason. Just like humans they overheat, burnout and start to make mistakes and run slower later in it’s life. Nothing in life is perfect humans especially, which are the creators or technology.
    Technology also put a huge limitation on human beings. Humans are constantly creating these devices to make life easier but really we are creating a society of technology that is hindering the abilities that others posses. Technology is suppose to help people become smart but in my opinion it helps to decline basic intelligence, it was designed to help people save time to do more things throughout the day but instead it is creating a world of lazy people. the overall thing to remember is nothing in life is perfect and everyone and thing is crippled by many different forms of limitations.



    What do you believe are the limitations, if any, of technology?

    I believe that technology does have some limitations which include money, integrity and security. In order for technology to advance ideas need to constantly evolve and ideas abound in many arenas — where the difficulty comes to play is in the amount of money needed to fund these ideas for them to become reality — and even the richest people do not like to keep giving money to develop ideas without having immediate or real-time tangible results. The other area where technology limitations come to play is in the integrity of the people who produce it. For example, in the weapons market — when technological advances in weapons occur the “itch” to corner the market financially by selling the new technology to individuals who may not have our (the US’s) best interests at heart may prove problematic. In addition, securing technology has evolved into a large scale problem in recent years with hackers running rampant over the internet causing crashes, uploading viruses and breaking into areas where personal and other private information should have been safe. These are just a few of the limitations that I believe technology has.



    Technology overall had a great impact in advancement of humanity. Humans realized this and again with the help of technology started making it even better. We are at one point now where technology resolves its limitations. For example, if the first computer was occupying an entire room, today it even fits in our pocket.

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