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    What do you believe are the limitations, if any, of technology?


    Troy D.

    Technology and machines are made by man. Therefore, despite how efficient a machine may be, it inherits all the same faults as man. They are susceptible to the same flaws in design and execution as man. Even the most advanced technology has its flaws. Most infamously, an aerospace vessel that was designed with both metric and English measurements in mind ended up crashing. It was only as good as the mismanaged scientists who designed it.



    I believe technology has made things for the easiness for human beings. At the same time, i think technology should be limited. At present, technology is turning into robotics that is replacing all human jobs. Robotics are used in most of the companies to minimize labor cost and efficiency. Because of one small error in robotic programming, it can create a huge disaster than what human being does. I just watch recently a video on Robotics that Robot is cooking food for you. Those kind of technology should be limited for people who are disabled and cannot prepare their food by themselves. In conclusion, i think it will be easier to invest on human career development wherever they needed rather than spending huge amount of money targeting only specific amount of people.



    Yes!, There are always limitations when it comes to new technology.
    1. Money: technology number one enemy is money.
    2. Politics: from first world society to third world society technology faces many challenges.
    3. Advance: Some technologies are way to advice of its time.
    4. Aggressive: Some technology is just to violent and aggressive and inhuman.
    5. Economy: Some technology will replace add jobs and some professional jobs that will require a single worker to mange the machines and keep them alive

    Many more limitations technology face every day.



    Technology helps human being in many ways it as well contributes to the limitation and distraction of employees at work. The use of mobile devices makes it easy to connect to social networks at work and can cause so much distraction and it affects the productivity of employees.



    The thing about technology is, even if limitation exist, that won’t stop them. One of the groups in our class is talking about using 3D printing to replicate organs, which, in my opinion, sounds improbable. Putting the fact that the human body is a complex organism aside, I don’t think you can replicate something as complicated as say, a heart, by just pressing print.

    But do technology really have limitations, yes of course, everything does. There are some things, mostly the stuff you see in sci-fie films like time travel or, teleportation, that would cause complete problems when trying to replicate. Of course we can’t predicted the future though, so who knows if they will become possible till than.


    Damika Green

    Well, by just simply being human’s we will hit a “technological peak”. There will always be limitations when it comes to technology due to the amount of greed and the lack of knowledge we can only expect to go so far. Maybe when company’s goals isn’t to simply profit off of people, we will be able to create new and creative things that will allow us to prosper as a society, in order to break any limit.



    The limitations of technology are resources. Technology and the development of technology requires a lot of capital and human resources. Although people may have an excellent idea, they may not have the capital or man power to change the idea into reality.


    Joseph Tran

    The limitations to technology in my perspectives are security, and training personnel to maintain the technology. The reasons why I chose security is due to the effects technology can have on man kind if the proper security is not enforced. An example of a security hazard if the proper security is not enforced, can cause terrorist to access any nuclear war heads and that can cause major problems. The other limitation I have listed was the limitation to train personnel to handle the technology. Since technology is a fast growing field, if people are not trained to use technology properly, it too can lead to major disasters like the miss handling of a nuclear war head can cause it to pop.


    Aneudy Abreu

    1 lack of passion
    1 politics
    2 money
    3 religion/ethics
    4 adaptation rate
    5 money (yes, again)

    Although these are very superficial limitations, the reality is that our generation is not as passionate or educated to create nor surpass any substantial milestones.



    What do you believe are the limitations, if any, of technology?

    The only limitations to technology are security. Many technologies are at stand still because of security reason, which includes many ethical barriers. For example self-driven cars are not out to the public because of many security concern like someone hacking into the car and control it, even though this technology will be a great advancement to society the security concern may be the barrier that prevent it from going into product to the general public.



    Even if technology is allows us things that are unimaginable. It also have some limitation. For example if consider the use robotic for cooking purposes, the robot will be only be able to follows the recipe but when it comes to tasting you have to use human being because the machine one will not be able to taste it. Another example is that if we take a computer or a printer they are really useful but the residue of this material can trigger another problem to our environment.



    I don’t think that technology has any limitation so far, in the contrary in today’s world anyone can see that technology has advances tremendously, and it will keep improving.



    The limitations of technology is that it is not able to solve all the problems in the world. Technology is create from someone, so it is not able t think for itself. It does exactly what the user that has created it to do. Another thing with technology is that it is always not reliable. Devices can crash and you are able to lose data without recovering it back.



    technology has many limitations. first of all. humans beings are not perfect. they are the creator of technology . they are not perfect so is their creations.

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