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  • Assignment 1
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    Prof Dillon

    Submit in OpenLab
    1. Concept description and sections for project website
    2. Appropriate affiliate programs
    3. Domain name


    Julio Li

    1. This website will be about Mobile Virtual Network Operator. MVNO are wireless companies that are small companies that are renting the big companies network like boost mobile renting the sprint network and giving a unlimited plan at a low cost compare to sprint and is prepaid,no contract. In this website i will be introducing 4 wireless companies and the pages will be. home, about, simple mobile, boost mobile, H2O wireless,and contact us. The domain name i think it would be mvnoinfo



    My project is a site for matching cats with prospective owners based on personality as well as other factors.
    There will be 5 pages as follows:

    1. Home – Site description and why making the right match is important.
    2. R U a Match? – Details what breed is most suited to specific personalities and lifestyles. (Human focused)
    3. Gallery – Includes the most significant details for each breed. (Cat focused)
    4. Contact form
    5. Blog

    Appropriate affiliates are PetSmart, PetFoodDirect and 1-800-PetMeds. URL:


    1. I want to create a one-stop website where all college students can Give, rent, sell or trade their Text-Books. There are many students who don’t know he or she could have saved hundreds simply buy buying that same text books from a previous student who took the same course last semester. The sections of the website will be broken down to (give, sell, trade) Give, giving your unused books to charity. Sell, students who want cash value for their books, and Trade is when students agree to buy or rent each other’s text books with another text book that is equal value. The other pages sections would be the about, contact and blog pages.

    2. Associates or eBay Partner Network for affiliate programs which will be ads targeting students like supplies for school.

    3. Domain name:



    1. My site is about the Vietnamese sandwich store at Brooklyn, it is for people who want to know about this food and how is the food. The site will including the home page which introduce the food. The second page will be the page about the menu. The third page is about how to make the sandwich. The fourth page is about the location of the site . The last page is about the contact form. Blog is a additional page that people can discuss about the food or anything
    2. The program I will use is the seamless, grubhub, people can order from these site.
    3.domain name will be



    1. Basically a site revolving around all my interests, i.e: the various arts [illustration, music, typography], including inspirational things from the web, as well as original content made by me. Site can be broken down by original content, shared/inspirational content, and a blog section with explanations or reactions to pieces, or freestyle videos.
    2.Possibly iTunes
    3. domain is


    Umar Khokhar

    1. The site is to show off a concept fitness application. The app is like a personal trainer. It tracks your sets/reps, calories, progress, planning workouts, etc. The site provides an overview of the app.

    2. Applied for Apple affiliate program. Also signed up for and Adobe programs.

    3. Still trying to figure out a good domain that isn’t taken.



    1. The site that I will be doing is a site that will advertise other Photographer and independent film work. Here people can go on and look at work that people have done and be able to contact them for booking.

    2. I will be using Students and friends work.



    Mikhail Reid

    My Project will be based on Photography and Fashion in the urban world. The Site will consist of 5 pages: Home, About, Portfolio, Blog and Contact.

    Appropriate affiliate Photoshelter

    Domain name us



    1. I decided to go with an eCommerce website for Muslim clothing and accessories. There will be different pages on different items like abbayas, head scarfs, accessories and then the typical home, contact and blog pages. I was always thinking of starting up a business and now that I have the opportunity to do so, I’m going to do my best! I would need some help from you Professor Dillon. :)
    2. I would probably have amazon clothing or muslim site like Aljazeera news.
    3. I have three domain names in mind:,, and I’m leaning more towards :)

    Update: I bought


    Giovanni Ramirez

    1. My website will be based on Latin American revolutions in the 20th century. It will provide information on 20th century revolutions that took place in countries like Cuba, Mexico, and Guatemala. It will also feature illustrations of certain individuals that helped spark up these events.

    2. I will probably use book sites like amazon and barnes & noble

    3. Domain name is


    Wenyu Kuang

    1. The website I am going to create is going to be a Food site( Homemade Asian Cuisine to be specific ). I feel like

    people are overly eating out that they don’t know they could make those food themselves at home. It just takes very short

    period time to make. The site will be divided into 5 pages such as home, cuisine(under this section; i might add

    sub-section to categorized different type of food like appetizer, main dishes etc), recipes, contact, and blog.

    2. I will be choosing food magazine, food site like(grub hug) etc for affiliate program. Right now, i haven’t made

    decision yet.

    3. Domain name TBA. trying to find catchy name for the site.



    !.My web site is a portfolio website for an already established professional chef.
    2. my affiliate programs will be the food network and the chefs connection .
    3. domain name :


    Julio Li

    My affiliate programs would be simple mobile, t-mobile and boost mobile.

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